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The Power of Classified Ads

All the major marketing players are clued up about the surprising effectiveness of using classified ads. Classified ads are far less expensive than regular display ads (and if you use they are completely free) and are more often than not, achieve an excellent response rate. In fact, they can be extremely successful for all types of service businesses.
In short, Classified ads are absolutely brilliant for lead generation and creating awareness.

A large majority of newspapers, trade journals and magazines have a classified ads section (at the back). I challenge you to pick up any newspaper and see if there isn’t a classified ads section.Both, people and businesses use classified ads because they work. It’s just that simple. Build classified ads into your marketing and free advertising online strategy and watch what happens.

Here are the four basic secrets for writing lead generating classified ads:

1. Start with a short, catchy and powerful headline

Just like any form of advertising you should always give your classified ad a powerful title, one that demands immediate attention (Please note, that writing your title is not powerful, in fact in can be the complete opposite and turn people off – It comes across as trying way too hard).

Use some (not all) capitals, large fonts and bold to make the headline stand out from the crowd.

2. Create a call to action - Give people a reason to call now

Try offering those that may come in to contact with your ad something FREE. It could be a free consultation, free estimate or free trial (my favourite).

3. Include your contact information

Email addresses and telephone numbers work best. But whatever method(s) of contact you use tell the reader what to do. For example: "Call now." "Send an email to us at…" etc.
This is your 'call to action.'

4. Use short sentences that make sense

Nowadays, people don’t have much time, so it’s important to get to the point quickly. Keep your sentences short, and don't use unusual words, abbreviations, acronyms, and punctuation marks. Try using bullet points to break down large blocks of texts.
I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised at the response you get when you apply these four simple basics to your classified ads.

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